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Hornby model railway locomotives, passenger coaches, wagons, trucks, vans, spares, parts and layout accessories from 1960 to the present day. Everything you'll need to build and keep your model trains and model railway layout in great working condition. Hornby locomotive and rolling stock restorations and services are carried out to the highest standards with the highest quality parts available. Once restored your old Hornby / Dublo / Tri-ang Locomotive will be like new, maybe better. Digital control Hornby DCC conversions a specialty.

Best sellers
  Track and wheel cleaning pad
  Grease with Teflon
  Track fishplates
  Station platform kit
  X03 X04 motor brushes
  Grain of wheat bulbs 5mm
  Wiring kit
  Grain of wheat bulb 3mm
  Switch Momentary-Off-Momentary
  Decal sheets for ink jet printers

Poor running Locomotives? Get your engines running smoothly again

Locomotive clean and service from £15. View how we do it.

Locomotive repairs from £15

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Best offers
Ringfield brushes
X03 X04 service kit
X8030 traction tyres
Track cleaning pad
Hornby spare parts - motor brushes for Ringfield motors
Hornby spare parts - motor service kit for X03 X04 motors
Hornby spare parts - locomotive traction Tyres M1144, X8030
Hornby spare parts - polishing pad for Hornby track
Your service essentials
Engineering oil
Teflon grease
X67 brushes X03 X04
1.5 metres of wire
Lubrication oil for all Hornby Trains
Lubricaion grease with Teflon for all Hornby Trains
Motor brushes for X03 X04 open frame Hornby motors
Wiring kit (3 x 500mm)
Recent additions
  Tri-ang Hornby R357 Brush Diesel Class 31 D5572 Hornby R041 GWR Class 57XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 8751 Hornby R253 BR Class 25 Diesel BO BO D5206 OO Gauge Railway 2 Track Locomotive Shed kit  
  Hornby R636 Double level crossing Hornby R250 BR Diesel Class 58 58007 5mm Hornby grain of wheat bulbs Hornby Traction Tyres M1144, X8030  
  OO Gauge Wagon and truck Loads - mixed load with barrels and much more Hornby OO Gauge R234 VDA Long Wheelbase Van Motor service kit for X03 X04 motors Hornby OO Gauge R8098 12.6mm Metal 8 Spoke Wheel  
  Motor brushes for Ringfield motors Hornby R127 Small Mobile Crane in red Hornby R173 Class 101 Holden 0-4-0T GWR 101 Tri-ang OO Gauge R124 WR BR Brake Van in brown  
  Lighting kit for your model railway layout buildings and street scenes Toggle Switch SPDT On-Off-On for your Hornby model railway layout Hornby R102 Large Mineral Wagon NCB 3471 Neodymium magnet  
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The gift vouchers are a great gift for the Hornby model railway enthusiast in your life. These gift vouchers can be used to purchase any items from Hornby Train Restorations, from the earliest collectors locomotives right through to the current catalogue wagons. All of the spare parts available can be purchased with these vouchers too.

The locomotives section contains a great range of original Hornby model locomotives for sale, all for you to enjoy. The engines are from 1960 through to the present day, some of which are new and unused. All these engines are like new and worthy of your great model railway collection.

The rolling Stock section contains a great range of original Hornby wagons, trucks, vans and passenger coaches for sale, all for you to enjoy. The engines are from 1960 through to the present day, some of which are new and unused. All these wagons, trucks, vans and passenger coaches are like new and worthy of your great collection.

Our Contact section details our e-mail addresses, postal address and directions.

In the unique library section you can view all the articles written by Hornby Train Restorations, Hornby locomotives, wagons, trucks and vans and passenger coaches produced from 1972 though to 1996. Each Hornby model railway item is presented with its; R number, description and key attributes.

The parts section contains all the Hornby spare parts you need for your Hornby Trains. The parts available include; axles with wheels, couplings, drive gears, fixings, bulbs and LEDs, Hornby motors, traction tyres, wagon and truck loads, service and tools.

The post and packing section details the costs and postal services offered. You can review the postal regions separately too.

If you are unsure about the restoration or service of your Hornby model railway trains then take a look at the services section. Here is listed the typical services we can offer for the less technically minded, from a minor service of your locomotive through to a full restoration, we can do it all for you. Repair of a Bachmann drive coupling.

In the model railway layout section you'll find the building kits, lights, bulbs and LEDs, electrical switches, wiring for your layout, Hornby track maintenance, Hornby track accessories and Hornby model railway power supplies and controls available to purchase.


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