How to send a parcel to Hornby Train Restorations


To restore your Hornby locomotive and get it working like new again you'll need to send it to us for assessment and repair / service. Below is a set of basic instructions that will best ensure your loco arrives in the same condition that it was sent to us. Note that Hornby Train Restorations cannot accept any responsibility for damage occurred while your items are in the post on their way to us.
  1. Please make contact via email or our message service with a brief explanation of what you need. Include details of the make and type of locomotive(s) and any known faults. We'll then let you know if we can help you.
  2. Include the whole of the loco and not just the drive unit, significant faults can occur in the non drive unit too. For steam locomotive models include the locomotive and tender. For Intercity 125 models (and similar) include both the power car and dummy car.
  3. DCC locomotives must be programmed to SHORT ADDRESS NUMBER 3, if possible.
  4. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or similar, do not allow individual items to touch one another.
  5. Protect the coupling hooks.
  6. DO NOT USE clear tape on bubble wrap.
  7. Pack all your items in a sturdy cardboard box
  8. Fill any voids in the box to prevent your items from moving around inside the box.
  9. Include your contact details INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and instructions of what you want us to quote for, loco by loco.
  10. Use "Signed For" or "Special Delivery" from within the UK depending on the value of your parcel.
  11. Post to:

    Hornby Train Restorations
    20 Solihull Road
    West Midlands
    United Kingdom
    B90 3HD

Once here we'll assess your loco(s) and provide a quotation by email including the project identification number known as the "Box" number. ALL FUTURE COMMUNICATION IS TO BE VIA EMAIL AND MUST INCUDE THE PROJECT BOX NUMBER. Once the payment has been received your loco(s) will be repaired / serviced as required and returned to you. Please note that project timings can vary depending on the workload in the workshop.





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