Hornby R862 Evening Star under repair after being damaged by a flood


This Hornby R862 Evening Star model was unfortunate enough to be in storage in the owners garage when we had some flooding a couple of years ago. The loco was stored is some boxes when the river flood water filled the garage. The loco was left to dry out naturally and had not been touched for 2 years. The loco looked a little dirty but otherwise OK.

This is what we found and how we got this wonderful locomotive running smoothly again.

Hornby R862 Evening Star as delivered

This great Hornby model of the Evening Star is complete but does not run on the track. On the loco the wheels turn with far more resistance than expected. The tender which houses the motor does not operate and the wheels don't turn.

Not too promising at this stage.

Below are a series of pictures showing how with much methodical work this Hornby R862 Evening Star model locomotive has been brought back to life.

We started with the powered tender unit as this seemed to have the biggest problems. With the gears removed it was clear the wheel axles were very tight in their brass sleeves. The motor bearings were tight too.

The motor ran when power was applied.

Hornby R862 Evening Star motor dismantled
Hornby R862 Evening Star rusty drive axles

This is why the drive wheels were tight in their bearing sleeves. The water has caused a large amount of corrosion on the steel axle shafts. These axles perform two functions; one as the bearing for the axle and the second as the electrical path from the track to the chassis of the motor.

The rust was cleaned off the drive axles and the brass axle sleeves were lightly reamed to give clean shiny metal once more.

Everything was cleaned, the corrosion was removed and all the tender motor unit parts re-assembled. New motor brushes and springs were needed to get this motor running as smooth as expected.

Oiled and greased as appropriate this unit was tested on the bench and on the track to ensure good smooth operation.

Hornby R862 Evening Star with the tender motor repaired
Hornby R862 Evening Star LH conrod details
Hornby R862 Evening Star RH conrod details

Details showing how all the connecting rods are arranged. Looks complicated but with some care, goods notes and these pictures it will all go back together OK.

The loco was dismantled to find the cause of the tight mechanisms and to be cleaned. Again, the corrosion can be seen on the chassis casting and on a few places on the connecting rods.

All the parts were cleaned and the stiff operation traced to the dry and very dirty grease in the main drive wheel bearings.

Hornby R862 Evening Star loco dismantled
Hornby R862 Evening Star main drive wheels refitted

With the bearings cleaned the re-assembly operation for the loco can begin. Firstly the main drive wheels and main connecting rods are fitted to the chassis.

The remainder of the connecting rods were refitted along with the all the valve gear. The mechanism was tested and a tiny drop of oil added to every pivot and slide.

Smooth operation was tested by hand on a length of track.

Hornby R862 Evening Star with all the connecting rods and valve gear re-assembled
Hornby R862 Evening Star first trial run

With everything electrical re-assembled it was time for the first trail run. This test was passed perfectly.

This is the completed loco. With everything cleaned and all the water damage repaired this loco is as good now as when it was made.

There is no hint of the damage caused by the flood or by the age of the model.

Hornby R862 Evening Star completely restored and running brilliantly again




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