Hornby 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 Transcontinental T.R.2335 under repair after being partly dismantled


This Tri-ang Hornby 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 T.R.2335 model was unfortunate enough to be partly dismantled in a previous life. All the connecting rods and valve gear had been removed. Then the loco had been stored for many, many years. This loco was incomplete and didn't work when we received it.

This is what we found and how we got this wonderful Transcontinental locomotive running smoothly again.


Hornby R54 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 as delivered

This great Hornby Tri-ang Transcontinental model of the 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 is incomplete and does not run on the track. The con-rods and valve gear are missing. The good news is that the motor does run.

Some hope at this stage.

Below are a series of pictures showing how with much methodical work this Hornby 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 model locomotive has been brought back to life.

We removed the body of the locomotive to reveal a very dirty and worn set of mechanical and electrical parts. The bulb was good and the motor ran when power was applied directly.

We sourced replacement parts for everything that was missing.

Hornby R54 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 chassis
Hornby R54 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 chassis and con-rods

The replacement con rods and valve gear were fitted and smooth running of the mechanics was confirmed. The electrical connections were cleaned and conductivity confirmed.

The motor was cleaned and the motor magnet was magnetised in situ in the motor. Once serviced the motor was refitted to the repaired chassis. The front coupling was also replaced as the hook was broken.

All the electrical contacts were cleaned and the complete chassis thoroughly tested.

Hornby R54 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 chassis complete
Tri-ang Hornby R54 4-6-2 Pacific Class 23 loco complete

This is the loco complete with the cleaned body fitted. All the electrical parts contacts have been cleaned and all the mechanical parts cleaned and lubricated appropriately. A new coupling at the front has been fitted and all the replacement con-rods and valve gear fitted.




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