Hornby Dublo 3 rail EDL7 0-6-2T conrod pin repair


One very common problem with these older locomotive models is that of missing connecting rod pins. They are a push fit into the wheels and can come loose with lots of use. This particular 3 rail Dublo locomotive from the early 1950s had lost one of its con-rod pins and could not be used on the track.

Bachmann Class 221 DMU 221122 Virgin Trains

Everything other than the missing pin was in very good condition albeit a little dusty. The motor was strong and the model was complete. This valuable model was well worth saving.

Below are a series of pictures showing a repair to replace the missing connecting rod pin on a Hornby Dublo EDL7 0-6-2T model Locomotive.

The missing pin was from the forward driven wheel which is the pin with the most work to do.
Drive unit for Bachmann Class 221 DMU 221122 Virgin Trains
Drive unit for Bachmann Class 221 DMU 221122 Virgin Trains

Clearly with the pin not fitted this locomotive was going nowhere. To make matters worse a small piece of the old pin was still lodged inside the wheel. The wheel was removed and the piece of the old pin drifted out. The wheel was then refitted.

Sourcing a replacement pin was not practical so we made one from a length of stock hardened steel rod. We formed a head for the pin and filed this to the right shape so that it matched with the other pins. The new conrod pin was fitted into the less stressful end of the conrod and an original pin fitted at the driven end.

All 6 of the pins were pressed firmly into place.

Faulty Bachmann power drive coupling in location
Faulty Bachmann power drive coupling showing the crack

The motor, chassis and body of the loco were cleaned and the wheels polished to give the best electrical contact with the track. This picture on the left shows 3 of the 6 wheels polished. 3 more to do.

These are the parts of the Hornby Dublo EDL7 0-6-2T model locomotive just before the loco was re-assembled. Everything clean, lubricated and ready for another 50 years of service.

Bachmann drive bogie




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